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Top Three Tips About Avoiding Your Listing Expiring


Top 3 Tips About How to Keep Your Listing from Expiring


I have found that over the last twenty years or listing and selling homes, that there are three very important and necessary steps that must be take in order for you to experience the joy of selling your home and avoiding the disappointment or your listing expiring.

1. Let’s start at the listing appointment. First and foremost, be honest with your agent (DO NOT BE A SELLER THAT'S NOT A TELLER)!Nobody likes surprises in the middle of a real estate transaction. Remember, every seller has concerns that need to be addressed during the sale of their home.In order for the real estate agent to help you address these concerns, the realtor needs to get the whole picture; They need to know why you’re selling, what timeframe you need to sell in, and how much money you would like to get out of your home. By providing this information, you can start building a good working relationship.This is a key component in selling your home. Both seller and realtor need to be on the same page.

2. Next, the seller needs to be motivated to sell. I believe this is one of the most important steps. What I mean by this is that the seller has to associate a lot of pleasure with selling and a tremendous amount of pain with no selling. When I hear a seller tell me that they are not in a hurry to sell, or that they are not giving their house away, I hear a lack of motivation. Sellers who are not motivated generally overprice their home and, usually, are unwilling to be more competitive with the price of their home.This occurs even when they are not getting showings, and even when similar homes in the area are selling. Motivation is the key to success in selling your home. You don’t have to give your home away, but you must be aware of actual prices in the area and be willing to compete with those prices.

3. The willingness to sell your home at market value plays a very important role in selling your home. Every neighborhood has a high and low value, which is primarily due to appraisals done within the last 3 or 4 months of you listing your home. In today’s real estate world, we have buyer’s agents. These buyer’s agents can and will show the prospective buyers comparables for similar homes sold in your area. This will be done before the buyer will even entertain writing an offer on your home. It is very possible that if your home is higher than market value for your neighborhood, you won’t get the number of showings your home deserves. You also likely won’t get anyone to write an offer on your home. Even worse, you’ll end up helping the other sellers in your neighborhood sell their homes, because they are priced correctly for the neighborhood and condition of the property.

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